Why Being Mentally Strong Is Good For Your Business

why being mentally strong is importantMost people will make time for the gym to keep in shape or take extra courses to further their knowledge in a subject related to their job. We all know it is important to be knowledgeable at your job, but it is also just as important to be mentally strong for your job as well. For all the time executives spend worried about physical strength and health, when it comes down to it, mental strength can mean even more, especially on the job. We all reach critical points in our careers where our mental durability is tested. It might be because of a toxic boss or colleague, a dead-end job, or a struggling team project.

Team members list being mentally strong as an important part of the team culture and well-being of the team. Mentally strong team members cooperate, build on one another’s strengths, and openly learn from their past mistakes. When individuals learn how to be mentally tough – and how to work together to form a strong team – they will accomplish incredible achievements.

It’s hard to be mentally tough, especially when you feel stuck. Most employees struggle to reach their greatest potential because issues of resentment, fear, and entitlement lurk beneath the pleasant conversation. When left unaddressed, these issues can lead to secret agendas, communication breakdowns, and reduced productivity. The ability to break the mold and take a daring new direction requires a toughness and spunk that only the mentally strongest people have. In fact, most people feel that going through a difficult situation better prepares them to be more mentally strong for the next situation that develops.

Of course, like any other activity, mental strength takes time to develop.13 things mentally strong people dont do

It is the daily practice of pushing yourself to grow stronger, maintaining realistic optimism, and setting healthy boundaries. Mentally strong people don’t do things like waste time feeling sorry for themselves or give away their power to other people.

How do you know where you fall on the spectrum? We asked psychotherapist Amy Morin, the author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”

Morin shared the following 21 signs you’re mentally stronger than average, which we’ve listed here in her words:

  1. You balance emotions with logic.

Mentally strong people understand how their emotions can influence their thinking. In an effort to make the best decisions possible, they balance their emotions with logic.

  1. You choose productive behavior.

While it may be tempting to make excuses, complain about other people, and avoid difficult circumstances, mentally strong people refuse to waste time on unproductive activities.


Read the rest here at Business Insider.


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