How Bad Hygiene is Killing Your Employment Prospects

Have you been failing in getting a job or a date for the past several months? You may need to look into your hygiene habits. Hiring officers can take a look at your resume and your physical appearance at face value, but they may also be quietly evaluating your fingernails, teeth, hair and even your smell.

Poor hygiene habits reflect physically and dates and employers will take this as a sign that you may also have poor working or relationship management habits. So if you want to win that new job or promotion, it pays to look at hygiene checklist and perform the corrective measures in order to increase your chances.

body oder

Body odor. Even if you are garbed in the best suit or branded clothes, your physical appearance won’t be able to mask body odor. It’s so easy to turn off an employer that can smell you from a few feet away. If this is a problem, take time to shower and do it regularly. Scrub your body properly and use a good-smelling soap to drive the smell away. A spray or two of a nice perfume or cologne before your interview should leave a fragrant impression.

Bad breath. Having bad breath is not just a simple case of eating an onion-topped burger just before your interview. This is a problem that has compounded over lack of proper dental hygiene. Bacteria build up in the oral cavity when you don’t brush your teeth and floss after every meal. In turn, bacteria will begin to stink. The best way is to brush your teeth after every meal for two minutes. Follow this up by flossing. Gargling in the morning and a few more times between the day should help as well. If time does not allow, at least use a sugarless gum to combat some of the bacteria build up.


Dirty fingernails. Dirty fingernails may not be as evident as bad breath or body odor, but they do remain noticeable when out on a date or during a job interview. Do not let your nails grow too long to prevent dirt from sneaking under your nails. Or if you prefer your longer nails, carry a small slightly sharp object with you that you can use to scrape the dirt away.

Dandruff and greasy hair. Your hair is your crowning glory but it can lead to your employment doom if you don’t take care of it. Dandruff and greasy hair are products of skipping the shower, not using shampoo or using the wrong products. Dandruff and oily hair are unsightly, making your interviewer mentally retreating from you. Use a dandruff-specific shampoo when you shower and skip the products that are not suitable for you. You may also visit the salon to have the problem treated by an expert.


Medical apparel. In the medical field, it is especially important to have not just proper, but impervious hygiene habits while on the job. Keeping yourself as well groomed as possible during the interview, and also every day you work in the doctor’s office, hospital, surgical ER, or other medical setting will serve you well. Make sure your personal protective equipment is up to standards, and correctly attired so that you can concentrate on the job and not on your lack of hygiene.

Observing proper hygiene should not only be done when you have a job interview. It must become a matter of routine, like you don’t have to consider but just does it because it has become second nature for you. The rewards for good hygiene are far reaching – from job opportunities to winning that promotion, to extending your social circle and increasing your self-confidence.

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